11/13/2007 ECW REBEAK

BLOGGING IT UP: I still don't have much at the moment, I guess.

INTRODUCTION: ECW has the best clip opening of the WWE shows.



Out first is WE LOST OUR Z'S! are Matt and Jeff Hardy. Seriously, didn't they used to be billed as the Hardyz? Did I miss something? Obviously. Recap of the lumberjack match last night. Their opponents are DUDE, THAT'S MY TEAM MATE! is MVP. He gets Pyro, but the opening doesn't? His partner is SOMEBODY SHOOT ME IN THE GRASS KNOLL... KNOLL is Ken Kennedy. MVP and Matt hold up their belts. MVP is all "Dude" and then is all "Dude." Everyone faces off, peopel take off shirts, and Matt and Ken start out. Face off. Talking. Talking. More talking... This is extreme. Lockup. It's broken up as there is a huge Hardy chant. LOckup again, Ken gets a headlock, but Matt elbows out, shoots Ken to the ropes, and eats a shoulderblock for one. Ken with a punch and run, lockup, Matt with an a wristlock. Tag in to Jeff. Jeff with a shoulderblock and a springboard dropkick for two. Jeff puts Ken in the corner, head smashing, Jeff up for moutned punches, Ken shoves him off, shoots Jeff to the opposite corner. Picsk Jeff up, tag in to MVP. MVP shoots Jeff to the ropes, and hits a clothesline for two. MVP with some kicks, tag in to Ken. Double team shot to the ropes, Jeff ducks the clothesline and hits a double dropkick on them both. Matt gets down on all knees because he's familiar with taking it in The WWE, and Jeff uses him to hit a high cross body on both. Ken rolled back in, tag in to Matt, double team whip and clothesline on Ken. Double team leg drop/standing senton for a two count. Matt shoots Ken to the corner once, twice, goes for the bulldog but it's pushed off and Ken hits a clothesline for two. Back up, Matt reverses the headlock, tag in to Jeff. Jeff with some head smashing, Ken counters with a kick to the midsection and some elbows, tag in to MVP. The crowd does NOT like him. MVP with some punchery, but Jeff counters with kickery. MVP shoots Jeff to the ropes, jumps over him, and hits a drop toe kick, then a shoulderblock to knock him outside. MVP goes to get him, but Matt stops him. MVP backs off. Commercial. We're back as MVP has a modified headlock on Jeff. MVP rolls him back for a pin, but Jeff gets his foot on the ropes. MVP with a surfboard. Lets Jeff up, clotheslines him back down, tag in to Ken. Ken with stompery and back to the headlock. Jeff powers up and hits a hip toss to break it up. Everyone looking to make a tag. Jeff makes the hot tag to Matt. Ken doesn't get the tag, and eats some clothesliens, punches and a scoop slam. Matt with an ax'handle drop off the second rope, hits the Side Effect on Ken for two. Tag in to Jeff. Shoots Ken to the corner, and they hti Poetry in Motion. Jeff goes for the swanton, but Ken rolls out of the way, cover for two. Ken back up and in control. Tag in to MVP, MVP with a scoop slam and elbow drop for two. MVP with stompery and a knee drop, back to the octopus. Jeff is able to power up and break it up with a Russian leg-sweep. MVP with a leg sweep, tag in to Ken, Ken with a knee drop for two. Ken picks Jeff up, tag in to MVP. MVP with punchery, shoots Jeff to the corner and goes for the running boot, but Jeff avoids it. MVP recovers and grabs Jeff for a suplex, but Jeff counters and hits a brainbuster. Both men down as the crowd is pretty hot for this. Jeff up, hits a boot to the face, runs at MVP, MVP dumps him over the top rope to the apron. Jeff hits MVP, but Ken yanks Jeff off the apron and he hits the floor head first. That's it. Make him even worse to understand. MVP rolls him in for a three count. I think that was a botched spot at the end there. MVP and Matt argueing, Ken tries to hit Matt with a chair, but MVP saves him and grabs the chair away. Ken backs off and MVP leaves the brothers in the ring.

Replay of Jeff's spill. It looked more botched the first time.

CM Punk Vs. Jamie Noble tonight.

Classic Survivor Series promo. Eh.


Matt Striker in the ring. He makes my day by saying Big Daddy V isn't here tonight. He talks up Big Daddy V, who is the only ECW guy in the Survivor Series match on Sunday. Out comes THROUGH HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE, THE FLY CAN'T STOP ME is Kane. Striker says he isn't dressed to fight. He boots Striker in the face HARD, shoots him to the corner and hits a side slam. Striker staggers up, and Kane hits the chokeslam, then lights the posts on fire.

Replay of what we just saw.

Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly are WALKING!


Out first is BLONDES WHO CAN'T WRESTLE is Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly. Well, in fairness Michelle is trying. Their opponents are SKANK PATROL is Melina and Layla. I would take Ariel over Layla. Michelle and Melina to start. Lockup and Michelle gets the wrist lock. Melina fights out, Michelle reverses it back to a hammerlock. There's a 10 Diva Tag-Team match at SS. Why not make it a Survivor Series MATCH. Michelle with another wristlock, tag in to Kelly. Double team suplex that barely is pulled off, Kelly covers for two. Kelly yanks Melina out of the corner she crawls to, and hits a bridge for a one count. Melina back up, and (wo)manhandles Kelly, then locks in a headscissors tags in Layla. Layla with alot of crappy punching offense. Tag in to Melina. Melina has Kelly up, but Kelly counters with a jawbreaker. Melina goes right back, picks Kelly up, but Kelly counters with a DDT, hot tag to Michelle. Michelle with punchery, belly to belly suplex on Melina. Layla in, Kelly breaks that up. Melina goes up top, but misses the cross body on Michelle, Michelle hits a heel kick to Melina for the three. Beth Phoenix and Victoria are the only two with an actual, believable finisher I guess.

CM Punk and Jamie Noble tonight. Did you hear?

HITC Video Package that still manages to have a good amount of HHH video, even though he isn't in the match, and he isn't even on the show that is putting the guys IN that match.

The Mix joins us at the announce booth. I hate his had/bandana combo.

Recap of last week's main event.

ECW Title match at SS. Morrison/Miz/Punk.

Rundown of the rest of the SS Card.


Out first is THE CM STANDS FOR CINDY MARGOLIS is CM Punk. His opponent is I'M ON THE... HEY, SAVE US 222 VIDEO! is Jamie Noble interupted by the Save Us 222 video. Oh yeah.... He has a shot. Miz: "What's that?" He doesn't watch this show either, I guess. Circle, and now out comes THE ZOMBIE WITH GREAT HAIR is John Morrison. Commercial. We come back to see Noble with a wrist lock on Punk. Punk counters by rolling through and hits a leg sweep. Lockup and Morrison is at the booth too. Things happen in teh ring, but I don't know because THEY KEEP SHOWING ME FUCKING JOHN MORRISSON'S FUCKING HAIR. Morrison: "3 Weeks ago I beat you kinda like your Mom." MIZ: "Who gets beat by a hat?" ME: "I didn't know the WWE was still hiring retards." CM Punk hit SOMETHING that got a two count. We replay it, it was a cool drop kick. Noble is down as we CONTINUE TO SHOW THE FUCKING IDIOT TWINS. Noble with a gut buster and leg drop for two. Noble shoots Punk to the ropes, but it's countered by Punk with a double underhook backbreaker for two. Punk charges him to the corner. Noble gets a knee to the face, and then hits a springboard knee. Noble with a trapping suplex, then an armbar. Noble with another armbar. Noble with a headlock. Morrison with idiocy. Miz with crapatude. Noble with a reverse armbar, into a pinning situation for two. Noble with some stompery, Punk fights back with chops, Noble with a dropping armbar for two, floats over for a headlock. Some morons show off their wrestling title belts in the crowd. Punk countered something, but of course it was missed. Noble with clubbery and another armbar. This could be the match of the year, and I have no clue. Punk hits a Samoan drop on Noble to break up the hold. Noble goes back to the arm, but Punk with punchery and kickery to the head, then a clothesline, another, shoots him to the roeps, hits a powerslam for two. Listening to Morrison and Miz talk is like watching a dude eat an ice cream cone. Punk hits a bulldog, goes up top. Punk attempts a springboard clothesline, but it's countered into a Fujiwar armar. Punk rolls out, kicks Noble a bunch of times, puts him up top. Punk with some chops, and hits a hurcanarana off teh top, but Noble rolls through and hits a sunset flip for 2. Noble counters the G2S, but the second attempt connects for the three. Now Morrison is in the ring to give Punk a victory hug. Miz joins in, and the two of them take turns hitting Punk. Morrison with a neckbreaker, then the two smile at Punk's butt as the show ends.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This would have been a pretty good show if it wasn't for Morrison and Miz on commentary.